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A Brief Madness, Ch. 3 --- A Caskett S4 WIP

Title: A Brief Madness, Ch. 3

WC: ~3700, this chapter; ~8500 so far

Summary: " Things fall into place between them. He's amped up by the possibility of ghosts. Tugged by the current of story stretching back and back. Twenty years. A hundred. She teases him, a little rough. He pushes back, bolder with her than he's been. He lets his mind wander and his mouth run like he hasn't in months, and it's like this tight, tentative way they've been with each other is breaking down." Set during and after Demons (4 x 06)

A/N: Again, sorry that these come slowly and unexpectedly. Once again, I had the beginning and the rest came only recently.

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Abbraccio, A Caskett One-Shot tag for Undead Again (4 x 22)

Title: Abbraccio

WC: ~1200

Rating: K+

Summary: “ She tries to let it be enough, but these have been long, awful weeks and it does no good to deny that it's hard to watch him walk away, both of them with open wounds.” One-shot tag for Undead Again (4 x 22)
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In The Event Of, Ch. 3 & 4—A post-Montreal Caskett 4-shot, COMPLETE

Title: In the Event of, Ch. 3

Rating: T

WC: ~1800 this chapter, ~ 8200 so far

Summary: "His mouth twitches into a brief frown. They're working on this. Getting past this new habit of reassurance—I know. Of course. I know. Getting past the sour note that sounds every time either of them voices something that's gone powerfully unsaid almost as long they've known one another—I know you. I trust you. Always."

A/N: I guess this is four chapters with a kind of ending after all. This—or the next chapter, anyway—is the end point I had in mind when I started this back after Montreal aired, but I didn’t quite envision this path to it. As with the other pieces, it’s set after Montreal (7 x 02), but it’s spoiler free other than that and after that, not really engaging with what we’ve seen on canvas since then.

Title: In The Event Of, ch. 4

WC: ~3000 this chapter; ~11,200 total

Rating: T

Summary: “It’s a kind of McGuffin. A dramatic reveal with unmistakable weight, but it’s not the center of the thing. With his heart pounding under her cheek and the two of them shivering with something that’s not quite unpleasant, she still knows that. She still believes. If it could tell them what happened—if it could tell them how—he would have said, long before now. She knows he would have.”

A/N:  So this is it. No kind of resolution for what actually happened in those two months, but this is what my Brain wanted to tell about. As with the other pieces, it’s set after Montreal (7 x 02), but it’s spoiler free other than that and after that, not really engaging with what we’ve seen on canvas since then.


Own Your Own Crazy (Castle/Beckett, Kevin Ryan, Javier Esposito, Lanie Parrish, PG)

Title: Own Your Own Crazy
Characters/Pairings: Beckett/Castle
Word Count: ~3000
Rating: PG-13 for a little bad language (c'mon, cops have pottymouths)
Warnings: None
Spoiler alert: None
Summary: Beckett could see the hope in Castle's eyes. Hope that he hadn't completely ruined the trust they'd all built by withholding such an important detail about himself. Esposito and Ryan looked at each other; Espo shrugged, then looked back at Castle.
"It's all good, bro," he said, slapping Castle on the arm. "Just don't go keeping any more secrets from us. One big one a lifetime is about my limit."
Author's Notes: Done for a square on my Trope Bingo card, but it was fun to do just the same. Having Castle be something other than what he appears to be was a challenging exercise. It says on the tags that this is a Dresden Files AU, but think of it as a magical AU that has some similarities to the Dresden Files and you'll be okay, because honestly, it's been ages since I've read a book or watched the show. This takes place in some nebulous time pre-relationship for Beckett and Castle, so maybe Season 3-ish? /shrugs/ Imagine whatever works for you. The title comes from the Kacey Musgraves song "Biscuit".
For the AU: Magic square on my Trope Bingo card

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Own Your Own Crazy

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Own Your Own Crazy

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In The Event Of, Ch. 2—A post-Montreal Caskett Story

Title: In the Event Of, Ch. 2

Rating: T

WC: ~3800, this chapter

Summary: "I know." His eyes fall closed. He says it to himself, again and again, under his breath. "I miss you while I was gone."

She wishes it were confusing the way his tenses slide past each other. She wishes neither of them had to make sense of how that can be, when it just is. It just was.

A/N: I posted "In the Event Of" as a one-shot a while ago (this links to that first chapter).When I first wrote it, I thought it would be a short WIP, then the rest of it didn't seem to come, and I thought it stood ok as a one shot. I have this second chapter, and I don't know about this. I had the first part of it hanging around for a long while, and I suppose the whole story is about to become obsolete. But I don't know about this. Takes place after Montreal (7 x 02), but doesn't necessarily engage much about season 7 from there on.
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L'amour des deux lapins: Instantanés, A Caskett 2-shot in the Bunneh-Verse, COMPLETE

Title: L'amour des deux lapins: Instantanés, Ch. 1

WC: ~2100, this chapter

Rating: K+

Summary: " 'Nothing,' Castle says, curling his fingers under Ferrous's heavy, freckled chin and getting an even wider smile for his efforts. 'She doesn't want anything for her birthday'."

Title: L'amour des deux lapins: Instantanés Ch. 2

Rating: K+

WC: ~2600 this chapter, ~4700 total

Summary: "It's a not-quite-random Thursday night. Her birthday isn't for a few days, but she as the next day off and the day after that, and he just "happened" not to come into the precinct to day. She smells something fantastic as soon as the elevator opens on their floor and knows today's the day. Not nothing."

A/N: Bunneh-verse two-shot. Solely the responsibility of Cora Clavia. The series isn't particularly continuity dependent, but this comes after L'amour des deux lapins: Ce ne est pas un caneton.
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Seasons Such As These—A Caskett, S7 One-Shot

Title: Seasons Such As These

WC: ~3200

Rating: T

Summary: "It feels sudden to her and she thinks it probably shouldn't. She thinks it's another family thing and she's missed all the subtext leading up to this moment. She feels a flutter in her stomach and their words filling her ears."

A/N: My Brain is unconvinced that it has an incredible amount of work it should be doing. Set sometime not too long after Reckoning (7 x 14), though it has nothing really to do with the events of the two-parter.

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Material Witness—River, Ch. 2 (3 x 13, Knockdown, 6 x 13, Limelight)

Title: Material Witness—River

WC: ~2300, this chapter, 4700 Total

Rating: T

Summary: She shakes her head, ignoring him mostly. Caught up, because she loves this, too. The unexpected rhythm to this. The way he’s still doling out these things more than a year on. The way he knows she loves presents, though she’d never say it in a million years.

Spoilers: Set during Knockdown (3 x 13) and just after Limelight (6 x 13).

A/N: This was an offshoot of the epilogue of “Silent Night, Ferret Night,” inspired by the diabolical BerkieLynn. Second chapter of the two-shot that constitutes the 16th installment of this series.
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Material Witness—River, Ch. 1 (3 x 13, Knockdown)

Title: Material Witness—River

WC: ~2400, this chapter

Rating: T

Summary: “He doesn’t know why he’s sitting on the floor with his back against the bed and the ancient past scattered around him. Nostalgia, he supposes. The thought tugs his eyelids closed and he thinks of her wide smile. He things of warm red wool, snug under her chin, lending hardly needed color to her cheeks. He thinks about the tantalizing end of the braid hanging over her shoulder and her capable fingers busy with the laces of her skates. He remembers every detail and wants to kiss her again.”

Spoilers: Set during Knockdown (3 x 13) and just after Limelight (6 x 13).

A/N: This was an offshoot of the epilogue of “Silent Night, Ferret Night,” inspired by the diabolical BerkieLynn. This two-shot is the 16th installment in this series, but the stories are pretty independent of one another.
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Give A Little Bit, Ch. 3---A Caskett 3-shot set just after Love Me Dead (2 x 09)---COMPLETE

Title: Give a Little Bit, Ch. 3

WC: ~3000 This chapter, ~6300 total

Summary: "She stares. They both stare, but she's a lot more together about it. She's staring with a purpose. Her eyes travel from the white square in her hand, to the bag in his, to what has to be the stupidest expression in the history of stupid expressions on his face."

A/N: Three-shot set on Beckett's 30th birthday, shortly after Love Me Dead (2 x 09).