Polly (pollylynn) wrote in castle_fic,

Material Witness----Where Do I Begin? (2 x21-2 x24; 6 x 24)

Title: Where Do I Begin?

WC: ~4400

Summary: "Kate Beckett has made an honest man of him. She's made him a liar."

A/N: If you're not familiar with this series, I began it a cuople of years ago on the heels of a story I wrote just after Secret Santa aired. The conceit is that Castle has accumulated gifts he never gave to Beckett over the years. Technically, this is the 17th chapter of a single story, but  in reality the chapters can be read as independent stories. I thought until recently I was completely done, but this is another unexpected chapter, and it's on the long side. It's set from Den of Thieves (2 x 21) up through A Deadly Game (2 x 24) and then after For Better or Worse (6 x 24).

Tags: author: pollylynn, character: alexis castle, character: gina griffin, character: kate beckett, character: rick castle, character: tom demming, pairing: beckett/demming, pairing: castle/beckett, rating: pg-13, series
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