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27th-Oct-2014 04:21 am - (Fic) The Magician
Title: The Magician
Series: Magic, When You Need It
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Fantasy
Warnings: Teaser fic. Minor warning going forward for involved religious themes being handled by an atheist. If you think that might offend you, this fic and its sequels will most probably not be for you.
Details: Gen, AU, genre!crack, pre-series, urban fantasy, magic, religion, atheism, prophecy, foreshadowing, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Kevin Ryan
Wordcount: 4,173
Summary: "If you want to know where a man's future will lead, you have to know where he's been..." A fateful encounter leaves Kevin Ryan with two futures foretold—the one that he hopes for, and another that he fears. Unfortunately for him, both lie down the same path.
Notes: Written for spook_me's Halloween Ficathon. The creature prompt was "Witch/Wizard". Unfortunately, the resulting idea demanded a longer story, but I was unable to finish it before the deadline. Therefore this prologue is another stand-alone preview of what will soon (hopefully) be a full-length fic.

( "If you want to know where a man's future will lead, you have to know where he's been..." )
Tea Party

Title: Ephemeris, Epilogue

WC: ~3100 this chapter, ~44,000 total

Summary: "Kate hears herself asking questions. She sounds normal. She thinks she does, anyway, but it's all washing over her. Lanie's answers and all of it. She only holds on to pieces. Tiny pieces that she can fix in her mind."

Tea Party
Title: Ephemeris, Ch. 15

WC: ~1700 this chapter, 38,000 total so far

Summary: "He wants something, and he has definite ideas about how this will go. Just like the diner. And just like the diner, she bites her tongue. She doesn't say her lines. He's waiting for just that, and not giving him what he wants—what he expects—has brought her this far."

A/N: I decided to split this chapter. Posting it simultaneously with Chapter 16. Chapter 17 will be the epilogue.

Title: Ephemeris, Ch. 16

WC: ~2200 this chapter, 40,000 total so far

Summary: "He hates her, she realizes. It's a step up from irritation. From dismissal. A step up from the diner parking lot and it curves her lips into a hard smile. He sees it. He answers in kind."
Tea Party
Title: Ephemeris, Ch. 14

Rating: T

WC: ~2800 this chapter, ~34,000 total

Summary: "It's too familiar, despite the crowd she can just see out of the corner of her eye. Despite the noise and the scent of smoke on salt air. The shadows and the tell-tale metallic click are too familiar. That stupid baseball cap pulled low and the barest glint of blue eyes. She wonders how many things she missed this time. How many different ways she should have seen this coming."
Tea Party
Title: Ephemeris, Ch. 13

WC: 3,000 this chapter, ~32,000 so far (my word count got off somewhere along the way)

Rating: T

Summary: "It's for the best. The part of her she wants to be—the part she's been growing into since she met him— believes. But it's small and fragile. It's been built up like this. In loss and pain and more kinds of fear than she can count. It's at war with years of habit. With the fact that she's still more at home with loneliness than she is with this."
Tea Party
Title: Ephemeris, Ch. 12

WC: 2700 this chapter, ~30,000 so far

Rating: T

Summary: "When it's dark, and the wounded places inside fill with fear that whispers that this is something awful she's dreamed up—something awful she's done to them all—she lays her head in Martha's lap without a word. She slips on to the couch at Alexis's side. She strokes the girl's hair as they watch the sun come up. The three of them tell the story to one another over and over and over again. They tell each other to hope."
Tea Party
Title: Ephemeris, Ch. 11

WC: ~2700 this chapter, ~29,000 total so far.

Rating: T

Summary: "The outside world is hungrier now, and that's good for the plan. That is the plan, even though she hates it so much of the time. Even though it goes against every professional instinct she has, the game is different now. They're not solving a murder, they're bringing him home. And to do that, they have to flush Cross out."
Tea Party
Title: Sleeping Bag, Ch. 4/Epilogue

WC: ~3900 this chapter, ~9500 total

Rating: M

Summary: "It all comes and goes in waves. Worry about the minutiae of right now. The crushing weight of everything this doesn't solve. Delaware and a sleeping bag. What feels like the first time she's touched anything in him in weeks."
Tea Party
Title: Meraki, Ch. 4

WC: ~1900, 5500 total

Rating: T

Summary: "She wants that. The sweetness of settling next to him, words and sounds and satisfaction rolling over them both. The quiet pleasure of feeding him. Of making this her place, too. Their place." A story of indeterminate length about nothing at all. Set some time not too long after "Murder, He Wrote" (5 x 04). Now complete.
Tea Party
Title: Sleeping Bag, Ch. 2

WC: ~1800 this chapter, ~3200 total

Rating: T in chapters 1 and 2, M in chapter 3

Summary: "It's another thing they're not talking about, and that wasn't part of the agreement. Worse than that, she's only just noticed. It's gotten lost somehow. The fact that they never talk about him anymore. It's slipped through the cracks, because everyone else does. Everyone's eager to talk about him. To tell her he's ok. That he's doing just fine."

Title: Sleeping Bag, Ch. 3

WC: ~2400 this chapter, ~5600 so far.

Rating: M

Summary: "There's something savage in it. Something not quite anger, but close kin to it. Something bright and hot and alive that drives the sorrow out, and she's so relieved."

A/N: In editing what was the third and final chapter of this, I found myself unhappy with the wrap up. I am going to do a fourth chapter as an epilogue. I know that's annoying.
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